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Kid experts Dr. Samreen Vora and Meghan Simpson honored with Employer Support of the Guard’s Patriot Award

Children’s Minnesota is pleased to share that two of our kid experts, Dr. Samreen Vora, medical director of the Children’s Minnesota Simulation Center, and Meghan Simpson, manager of simulation operations, for being honored with the U.S. Department of Defense Offices’ Employer Support of the Guard Patriot Award for supporting employees who also serve in the National Guard or Reserve.

Aaron Simpson, simulation operations specialist and member of the military and veterans employee resource group at Children’s Minnesota, and senior noncommissioned officer in the Minnesota National Guard, nominated his supervisors Dr. Samreen Vora and Meghan Simpson for the Patriot Award.

Left to right: Meghan Simpson; Ian Wolfe, ex. sponsor of Military and Veterans Employee Resource Group; Dr. Samreen Vora; Aaron Simpson.

“During my seven years at Children’s Minnesota, Dr. Vora and Meghan have been extremely supportive of my military service. Children’s Minnesota and my department have consistently remained flexible and considerate of my service, and my fellow colleagues and supervisors have stepped up to help with my work during my absences,” said Aaron.

Congratulations to Dr. Vora and Meghan for joining together and supporting kid experts and their military service to our country.

Nick Petersen