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Respiratory therapist and chronic care lead shares her 22-year career experience at Children’s Minnesota 

At Children’s Minnesota, we believe children always come first. They are awesomely resilient. Eternally optimistic. Totally fearless. They are what we want to be when we grow up. 

Melissa Damas, respiratory therapist and chronic care lead in our pulmonary and respiratory care program, has been working at Children’s Minnesota for 22 years now. She is sharing all her favorite things about working at Children’s Minnesota below. 

What’s your position and how long have you been at Children’s Minnesota? 

“I’m a respiratory therapist and chronic care lead and I’ve been working at Children’s Minnesota for 22 years.” 

Tell us why you like your job and position. 

“My current position involves working with families of children who have special health care needs, such as a tracheostomy and ventilator, and training them to care for their child’s respiratory needs at home. It is so satisfying to see them progress from being nervous and scared to becoming confident and completely independent in caring for their child.” 

What do you like about working in this field/department? 

“I love that I get to spend most of my day with kids. Even on a busy day, I still get to sing and read books to patients.” 

Why do you like working at Children’s Minnesota? 

“Children are amazingly resilient. Even after going through very difficult situations, they still smile and move on. They truly are amazing.” 

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