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Children’s Minnesota hospital board of directors Chair honored by Twin Cities Business magazine

Children’s Minnesota congratulates Dr. Archelle Georgiou, Chair of the Children’s Minnesota hospital board of directors, for her selection to the Twin Cities Business 2023 Notable Nonprofit Board Members list. Notable Nonprofit Board Members are selected based on their accomplishments in bolstering the work of organizations that improve health care and other key services in our community, according to the publication.

Dr. Georgiou first joined the board in 2021 and rose to Chair just one year later. As a physician herself, Dr. Georgiou has been an invaluable leader, advocate and sounding board to help ensure the voices of clinical staff are at the core of the organization. As Chair, she prioritizes the mental well-being of Children’s Minnesota’s health care workforce by providing the kind of support and systemic change that drives job fulfillment and ultimately improves the quality of patient care.

Dr. Archelle Georgiou

During Dr. Georgiou’s time as Board Chair, Children’s Minnesota opened:

Dr. Georgiou is also a nationally recognized physician, health executive, on-air TV medical expert and author who is known for her commitment to patient advocacy. You can read more about Dr. Georgiou and the rest of the 2023 Notable Nonprofit Board Members in the August/September edition of Twin Cities Business magazine here.

Cole Heath