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Children’s Minnesota’s strategies to improve patient experience featured in case study

The kid experts at Children’s Minnesota are devoted to providing an exceptional care experience for our patients and their families. Two departments’ efforts to successfully identify opportunities to enhance the patient family experience were highlighted in a case study by NRC Health, a company that conducts patient experience surveys.

The Infectious Diseases clinic recognized a gap in whether families felt they were receiving enough information about their child’s often very complex illness. One of the strategies the team used to address the gap was creating patient-education materials for the top three diagnoses seen in the clinic. The goal was to ensure families left having enough information about their child’s illness and treatment. The team’s efforts paid off as the clinic sustained high net promotor score (NPS) ratings – which increased by 2.9% over five years.

The Medical Imaging team found that test procedures not beginning on time were negatively impacting the experience of patient families. To begin improving the experience for families, leaders first focused on increasing employee engagement. One strategy they deployed was building awareness of the NRC Health data the team receives. When a family left a positive comment in the survey, leaders would share that comment with the employees. Recognizing staff and other employee engagement efforts has resulted in a 4% increase in Medical Imaging’s NPS scores.

You can read the full case study here: Improving parental involvement for better NPS at Children’s Minnesota.

Nick Petersen