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St. Paul PICU celebrates five years of preventing central line associated blood stream infections

Children’s Minnesota is ecstatic to share that The Kid Experts® in the St. Paul pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) celebrated five years without a central line associated blood stream infection (CLABSI). A CLABSI can be a serious setback in the recovery of a critically-ill child who requires a central line, which is a thin tube inserted into a large vein that goes to the heart. It can result in a longer, more expensive hospital stay, and even increase morbidity and mortality.

The organization celebrated with an informal drop-in hosted in the lounge area outside the PICU. Staff enjoyed treats, beverages and mingling with colleagues, as well as clinical leadership.

“This milestone was only achieved because of bedside staff’s consistent and sustained adherence to our CLABSI bundle and standards of infection prevention, as well as consistently doing the right thing, even when that takes extra time, assessment or effort,” said Matt Houle, patient care supervisor of the St. Paul PICU. “I am incredibly proud of this team for this amazing accomplishment and what it says about the high-quality care the St. Paul PICU provides!”

Congratulations and job well done to the St. Paul PICU on this accomplishment!

A group of people with balloons celebrating five years CLABSI free in the St. Paul PICU
A group of people celebrating five years CLABSI free in the St. Paul PICU
Alexandra Rothstein