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Recognizing Children’s Minnesota medical lab professionals

April 14-20, 2024, is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week — a designated time to celebrate the critical work of pathology and clinical lab professionals.

At Children’s Minnesota, we are grateful for our lab staff as they play a key role in patients’ health care. Known as health care detectives, they help to ensure timely and accurate diagnoses in order to improve patient outcomes.

During Lab Week, we’re highlighting two medical lab professionals at Children’s Minnesota: Girma Ayana, medical lab scientist, and Gabby Burk, medical lab scientist.

Photo of Girma Ayana, medical lab scientist at Children's Minnesota
Girma Ayana, medical lab scientist at Children's Minnesota
Photo of Gabby Burk, medical lab scientist at Children's Minnesota
Gabby Burk, medical lab scientist at Children's Minnesota

Get to know Girma and Gabby!

Tell us about your role.

Girma: I’m a medical laboratory scientist and I perform professional laboratory work like quality control validation and testing specimens (blood, urine and body fluids). Also, I operate laboratory equipment such as microscopes and automated cell counters for biological tests on patient specimen for medical diagnosis. 

Gabby: I’m fairly new to Children’s Minnesota; I have only been here for six months as I just graduated college. I’m one of our third shift medical laboratory scientists responsible for patient care in the middle of the night, such as phlebotomy, emergency/STAT testing, blood banking and instrument maintenance. 

What do you love the most about your job? 

Girma: I enjoy working at Children’s Minnesota. I’m happy to be a part of The Kid Experts and provide quality of care to patients and communities. 

Gabby: I love being involved in patient care behind the scenes in the lab. Being on night shift has allowed me to work with a small team of amazing lab techs who are extremely supportive and fun to be around.

What inspired you to work in your field? 

Girma: I love working for kids. I’m happy to be a part of The Kid Experts at Children’s Minnesota.  

Gabby: I knew I wanted to be a support in pediatric health care and interact with/help kids as I have younger siblings that I adore.

What is one thing you’d like others to know about the work you do? 

Girma: As a medical laboratory scientist, my role in health care is a backbone for patient treatment. A patient’s lab results play a key role in their diagnosis and treatment. 

Gabby: Although we may not come into direct contact with patients often, we take pride in being involved in patient care through our lab work. We are an essential part in the diagnosis and treatment of those who come to Children’s Minnesota, and we are always looking to work with other health care professionals to give patients the best care possible. 

What do you think makes kids remarkable? 

Girma: Kids are our generation takeover. Also, their words, sounds, expressions, sense of humor and ability to easily learn things make them remarkable by nature.  

Gabby: Kids are quite amazing and have taught me so much in the short time that I have been at Children’s Minnesota. They are extremely brave in the face of fear and uncertainty, are always curious and eager to learn more, and are super fun to be around. 

Work at Children’s Minnesota

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Alexandra Rothstein