New RN Transition to Practice Program

About our program

Children’s Minnesota offers a unique Transition to Practice Program designed to support newly licensed nurses to the professional nursing environment using combinations of didactic and precepted clinical experiences. We provide a welcoming environment and extra support for the transition from academia to practice. The Transition to Practice Program at Children’s Minnesota is accredited with distinction as a Practice Transition Program by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation in Practice Transition Programs.

How to apply

The Transition to Practice program may be offered up to three times each year: February, July and October (each program being approved as needed). Interested candidates should watch for “New Grad RN” postings on our website. Postings will be available for only two weeks between October-November, March-April, and/or August-September.

Students may apply prior to graduation, provided they will have completed their degree and NCLEX prior to the program start date. Candidates may continue to apply for this program for up to one year after graduation.