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Get all the facts on influenza from Children's infectious disease experts.

Kohl’s Cares

Children's has teamed up with Kohl's Cares, a division of Kohl's department stores, to make flu prevention and education simple for families. Since 2009, Kohl's Cares has awarded grants to Children's to fund the Kohl's Cares and Children's Flu Prevention Project. The project offers flu vaccine clinics and educational assemblies around the Twin Cities to teach children about flu prevention.

Flu Resources

The following links provide more information about the flu, why it’s important for you and your child to get vaccinated, handwashing tips and more.

Flu Prevention Tips

Flu vaccine clinics

One of the best ways to become a flu fighter is to vaccinate for stronger kids. The flu vaccine is 70 to 90 percent effective in preventing influenza. Due to ineffective results, infection prevention experts recommend no FluMist nasal spray this year - only flu shot. Fortunately, there are simple tactics that you can use to help reduce needle pain.


Flu season is almost here. What you may or may not know is that influenza, commonly known as the flu, is a serious respiratory illness. Symptoms can include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, congestion, a runny nose and, in extreme cases, death.

Patsy Stinchfield, PNP

“Children’s Pedcast”: Patsy Stinchfield on vaccines, infection prevention

Children's director of Infection Prevention and Control discusses a number of topics pertaining to immunizations.

5 flu myths busted

Dr. Gigi Chawla talks flu myths on ABC News.