Respiratory Care residency program

The Children’s Minnesota’s respiratory care residency program is a unique program created to support the transition from a new graduate in respiratory therapy to a working professional in pediatric health care.

About our Respiratory Care Residency program 

Children’s Minnesota offers a unique program designed to transition the new graduate Respiratory Therapist from the academic to the professional environment working with neonatal and pediatric patients.  This program offers a 12 – 16 week training program that overlaps with the Children’s RN New Grad Program.  After successfully completing the training program, you will be placed in a regularly scheduled Day or Night shift position.  Other opportunities for growth include being a cross campus employee where you are trained on both Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.  We also have a competitive clinical ladder program for advancing your career.

How to apply

The residency program is offered once a year with a program start in July each year.  Our job posting is typically posted on our website by December or January each year (watch for our “Respiratory Care Residency Program” posting).

Students may apply prior to graduation, however prior to the start of the program, new graduates must meet the position requirements to be hired as a Licensed Respiratory Therapist.

Check back between December and January each year for upcoming opportunities.