Request a consult from our Level 4 Pediatric Epilepsy Center

Our epileptologists and neurosurgeons are available for consultations for referring physicians and who want to learn more about epilepsy medication and surgical options for their patients.

Children’s Physician Access is available 24/7 with a representative on the line throughout the call to assist with referrals, consultations and admissions and to provide general information.

Call 866-755-2121 or 612-343-2121.

Comprehensive seizure monitoring and care

Here are just a few of the reasons physicians refer patients to our Level 4 Pediatric Epilepsy Center for inpatient monitoring:

  • To record and characterize seizures
  • To provide a safe environment during medication adjustments
  • To pinpoint the part of the brain where the seizure starts
  • To help determine whether a child would benefit from epilepsy surgery
  • For advanced brain mapping
  • For all types of neurosurgeries, including the latest MRI-assisted techniques

Children’s inpatient epilepsy monitoring unit is staffed 24/7 by expert technicians to ensure the highest recording quality possible.

New diagnostic technology makes seizure-ending surgery possible

Since her surgery in May, 10-year-old Nicole has been seizure-free. Discover new treatment options for epilepsy – only at our level 4 pediatric epilepsy center.


612-343-2121 or 1-866-755-2121

24/7 referral, consult, admission, and transport assistance.