Sponsorships at Children’s Minnesota

Children’s Minnesota receives numerous requests for sponsorship each year. We strive to partner and support community-based organizations that complement the mission of our organization, by championing the health needs of children and families. The requesting organization and event must reflect positively on Children’s Minnesota and must provide appropriate visibility and value- added opportunities.

Details of sponsorship

  • Organizations must support our mission and values
  • Involve pediatric health and wellness that leads to community benefit, health improvement, or education
  • Opportunity to reach targeted audience and build relationships
  • Appropriate brand visibility and value-added opportunities for Children’s Minnesota
  • Involvement opportunity for employees and professional staff
  • Organizations that do not share our mission and values
  • Organizations that discriminate in the provision of services
  • Private clubs, fraternities or sororities
  • Political candidates, campaigns or organizations
  • Faith-based organizations for non-secular purposes
  • School-affiliated groups, sports teams or class parties
  • Individual requests

Learn more about our review process

  • Sponsorship request must be submitted 60 days prior to event for review.
  • All requests are submitted to Sponsorship request team, and are reviewed monthly.
  • Acceptance or decline will be emailed to contact after review.

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