Share our Life Stories giving campaign

Thank you for choosing to support the Life Stories campaign at Children’s Minnesota! Generous partners like you, are coming together to provide support for the countless children who receive treatment at Children’s Minnesota every year.

We have created some simple tools for you to download, copy, and share with family, employees, the community, and more. Find our digital toolkit below with every option for your marketing needs.

Social media messaging

Spread the word on social media with these assets

Example post #1

I give to @childrensmn because [Insert your story here. Example: Our daughter was born premature and spent her first few days of life in the NICU]. As a local non-profit, Children’s relies on donations to make stories like mine possible. And you can help too. Donate now:

Example post #2

Big moments in Tovin’s life happened at @childrensmn. As a [volunteer, donor, Foundation Board member] I know that when you donate, you make every day better for kids! Find out more about Tovin’s story at

Example post #3

Now is a great time to give to Children’s Minnesota. Chances are you know someone who’s been cared for at Children’s. When you donate, you honor them — and you make every day better for kids in our community. No child is turned away, ever. Donate now:

Follow, like and share

  • Use your own photos or share the images and video provided by Children’s alongside your post.
  • Repost/reshare Children’s content on your own social channels.
  • Be sure to tag Children’s social accounts as you post on your pages!

Find a few creative assets above that you are able to download and use online! Questions for social media? Email [email protected] for more info!

Email messaging:

Sample #1:

Dear [Name],

As you may know, I [volunteer, serve on the board, etc.] at Children’s Minnesota. As a [volunteer, board member, etc.] I have had the privilege of learning about the tremendous work being done at this hospital by their amazing doctors, nurses, specialists and therapists.

Children’s believes in being every family’s essential partner in raising healthier kids. They not only provide excellent clinical care for patients during their stay in the hospital, but this organization is reaching beyond the walls of their hospitals and clinics to make a difference in our community and beyond.

When you give to Children’s, you support kids like Tovin. Born in China with a complicated congenital heart defect, Tovin was three-years-old when he was adopted and a medical team at Children’s Minnesota could start repairing his heart. With strength and resilience only children have, Tovin is now a typical young boy full of energy and excitement for life. Learn more about Tovin’s journey at

I hope you will consider making a commitment to kids like Tovin this holiday season at

Your generosity in supporting this organization will help create stories of hope, courage, and strength. By making a donation to Children’s, you can become a bright spot in so many life stories. You change–and save–lives.



Email messaging

Sample #2:

Dear <<Name>>,

As you may know, I [volunteer, serve on the board, etc.] at Children’s Minnesota.

My personal, life story includes Children’s Minnesota. [Give a brief overview of your experience at Children’s – for example: Our daughter was born premature and spent her first few days of life in the NICU]

I want to invite you to learn more about Children’s and the tremendous work they do every day. Please expect to hear from <<Children’s Foundation Staff Name>>, copied here, who is a <<Staff Title>> at the Foundation. Together, we can make amazing things happen for kids in our community.



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