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Plan now to keep your child’s asthma under control this school year

The leading cause of missed school days for children ages 5-17? Asthma.

If you have a child with asthma, we recommend adding a few tasks to your back-to-school checklist to prevent asthma-related absences. It’s not always easy to manage a chronic condition but in the case of asthma, a little preparation goes a long way and will help ensure your child feels good, can get out and play and not miss school.

Back-to-school checklist for asthma control:

  • Make an appointment with your nurse practitioner or doctor for an asthma check-up to be sure your child’s asthma is under control.
  • Get an updated asthma action plan (signed by you and your doctor/nurse practitioner) to give to your school’s health aide or nurse. This allows the nurse to give your child the medicine they need while at school.
  • Get a second rescue inhaler (albuterol) to use at school.
  • Ask your nurse practitioner or doctor about getting an extra spacer for school. A spacer helps the medicine get into the lungs rather than into the mouth or throat.
  • Be sure your child gets a flu shot every year.

For more information on asthma care, please contact your child’s primary care provider.

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Rachel Patterson