Helping children with asthma breathe more easily

For some children with asthma, breathing isn’t always easy. That’s why at the asthma clinic at Children’s Minnesota, we take pediatric asthma seriously. We want to help your child breathe more easily — so you can, too.

Asthma is a disease of the lungs. Even when you don’t have symptoms you still have asthma. There’s no cure for asthma, but we can help you and your child learn to manage it. Our specialized team of pediatric nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists are certified asthma educators. They’re experts at teaching children and families how to control asthma.

You’ve come to the right place

  • Asthma 101. Our team of experts will teach you and your child the basics about asthma including, what happens in the lungs during an asthma episode, how to use asthma medicines and inhalers, what can trigger an asthma episode, how to manage asthma at home and in school and how to keep your child out of the emergency room.
  • Letting kids be kids. We believe kids should focus on doing kid stuff — like playing and growing — without worrying about an asthma flare-up.
  • What’s the plan? Together, we’ll come up with an asthma action plan just for your child. The plan will outline how to spot the early warning signs of an asthma flare-up, when to take asthma medicine, and when to get help. You can take the plan with you to share with your child’s primary doctor or nurse practitioner, school nurse and other caregivers.
  • Setting goals to control asthma. Not every child’s asthma is exactly the same. Controlling asthma means your child should be able to:
    – Sleep through the night without coughing, wheezing or having shortness of breath
    – Run and play without having asthma symptoms
    – Go to school every day

At Children’s, our team is dedicated to helping your child meet these goals, every day. Check out our tools and resources designed to help manage and control asthma.



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