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We know you may want to dig for more information, so we gathered these easy-to-digest materials and resources from pediatric organizations in Minnesota and beyond.

Patient and Family Education Materials If you need quick, clear info about a kids’ health topic, we have it all.

Asthma Control Test

Asthma This covers what asthma is and how to recognize an asthma flare-up, with illustrations of how asthma works(Spanish translation available at the link).

Asthma action plan Your doctor will fill out this asthma treatment plan with you so you know how to keep asthma under control (Spanish translation available at link).

Asthma inhalers Learn the proper way to use an inhaler to ensure the medicine is delivered properly (Hmong, Somali and Spanish translations available at link).

Asthma medicines This document describes the two types of asthma medicines (rescue medicine and control medicine) and when to use them (Somali and Spanish translations available at link).

Asthma nebulizer Step-by-step instructions teach you how to use a nebulizer to deliver asthma medication to infants and older children (Hmong, Somali and Spanish translations available at link).

Asthma trigger control Find out how to recognize and avoid the triggers that make asthma worse (Hmong, Somali, and Spanish translations available at link).

Secondhand smoke Follow these tips to protect your family from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

The Minnesota Department of Health’s Asthma Program This website provides a wide range of information about asthma, as well as meetings and programs about asthma.


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