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10 Halloween costume ideas with face masks

It’s that time of year again! The weather is cooling down, leaves are turning yellow and orange, and kids are thinking about what they want to be for Halloween.

Children’s Minnesota is here to help you with fun Halloween costume ideas that also keep your kids safe. Face masks and coverings are a big part of keeping kids safe — especially children who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine (ages 11 and younger).

Here’s how you can incorporate masks into your kid’s Halloween costume:

Health care hero

Make your life easy and have them dress up as a surgeon, doctor, nurse or anything in the medical field they desire! Masks are already part of the costume – how easy is that?


Draw a dog or cat face on a blank mask and wear cat or dog ears.

Super hero

Add a color-matching face mask to any superhero costume.

child dressed as a surgeon for Halloween
Little boy dressed as a pirate for Halloween


Draw that round red nose on the mask and dress them up as a clown!


The classic homemade ghost costume made out of a white sheet is perfect for incorporating a face mask. No one will see the mask underneath the costume, so kids can pick any mask they like — Halloween themed or not.

Facial hair

Draw a mouth and mustache or beard on their mask and dress them up as a pirate, motorcyclist or a cowboy.


Draw a simple, easy pig nose on their mask. Then all you have to do is combine it with an all pink outfit. Don’t forget to add ears and a cute curly tail!


Draw a jack-o-lantern face on an orange mask. It’ll be the perfect finishing touch for any pumpkin costume.


Draw a beak and let your child color it in! You could even glue some craft feathers to the sides to complete the look — but make sure they don’t impair your child’s ability to see.

Child dressed as a devil for Halloween
girl wearing a halloween face mask

Decorate however you like

Turn your mask into an art project. You could glue on colorful sequins to their mask and let them sparkle all night, draw a scary monster, or make a homemade mask with fun Halloween fabric. Anything that makes your child feel Spooktacular works great!

Let’s be festive, fun and safe this Halloween! Try any of these mask ideas to complete your child’s costume.

Kaitlyn Kamleiter