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2022 Minnesota Student Survey reveals long-term mental health problems

The 2022 Minnesota Student Survey has provided some sobering news. The survey showed that there’s an increasing number of students experiencing anxiety and depression – particularly for girls, and those identifying as trans and non-binary.

How to keep your kids safe as cases of the flu and RSV rise

Get tips from the kid experts on how to keep your kids safe as cases of the flu and RSV rise.

Where to get care for your kids as the flu, RSV and COVID-19 spread

Children’s Minnesota is experiencing an increase of patients with the flu, RSV and other respiratory illnesses in our emergency department (ED), walk-in clinics, outpatient pharmacy and primary care clinics.

COVID-19 vaccine targeting new variants approved by CDC for children 6 months and older

There is a new COVID-19 vaccine targeting new variants approved by CDC for children 6 months and older.

Monkeypox: what parents should know

By now you’ve probably heard of monkeypox in the news, on your social media channels or in conversation. But many people are wondering, what is it and should I be concerned for my kids?

Prescription for COVID-19 vaccine anxiety

Millions of parents are facing a decision that I also made in the 90s: Do I allow my children to be immunized with a vaccine that has just recently been approved? But, here’s the difference between the COVID-19 vaccine decision and the vaccine decisions in the 90s.

Free COVID-19 vaccine clinics with Children’s Minnesota and MDH

Children’s Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) are joining together to vaccinate children ages 6 months and older against COVID-19. From July 12 through August 30, 2022, MDH is sponsoring COVID-19 vaccine clinics at several Children’s Minnesota primary care locations.

Proportion of kids with COVID-19-related croup increased during omicron, Children’s Minnesota analysis shows

A new analysis conducted by researchers at Children’s Minnesota found the number of children diagnosed with COVID-19-related croup was significantly higher during the Omicron surge compared with other COVID-19 variants. The findings expand on recent, single-center studies that found an association between COVID-19 and croup.

Common questions and answers about the COVID-19 vaccination

Here are some answers to common questions to help you decide to get your child or yourself vaccinated against COVID-19.

CDC approves vaccine for kids ages 6 months and older

On June 18, 2022, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave final approval for kids 6 months and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19 under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)