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Making patients’ wishes come true with Little Wishes™ 

Staying in the hospital for an extended period of time can be hard for kids and teens. Not being able to go home and be with their family and friends all while navigating an illness or disease can affect their emotional and mental health. That’s why Children’s Minnesota is excited to announce our new partnership with Little Wishes for patients in our cardiovascular (CV) program. 

Little Wishes is a non-profit that aims to help patients be themselves by tapping into their passions and bringing them moments of joy. Some of the wishes that have been granted are wigs, keyboard for a gaming set-up, toys and more. See more patient stories and wishes that have been granted on the Little Wishes website.  

Will Little Wishes expand to other units in the hospital? 

As of right now, Little Wishes is only available for patients in our CV program.

How to get a wish granted 

There are two main ways that our CV patients can get their wish granted. The first one is a staff member can recommend a patient that they think can use a pick-me-up or should get a wish granted to our Little Wishes coordinator.  

The second method is a patient or their family can express their desire to getting a wish granted to a member of their care team, who will then connect with our Little Wishes coordinator. 

Thank you to our sponsor  

Thank you to Heavenly Hunks for their generous donation, making our partnership with Little Wishes possible.  

Mai Songsawatwong