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RN shares her 10-year career experience at Children’s Minnesota

At Children’s Minnesota, we believe children always come first. They are awesomely resilient. Eternally optimistic. Totally fearless. They are what we want to be when we grow up.

Angie, RN from our cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU), has been working at Children’s Minnesota for almost 10 years now. She is sharing all her favorite things about working at Children’s Minnesota below.

What’s your position and how long have you been at Children’s Minnesota?

“I am a staff nurse in the CVICU and in March I will be celebrating my tenth year at Children’s Minnesota.”

Angie McNamee

What do you see as your unique value or special talent that you bring to the team and this role?

“Throughout my career here at Children’s Minnesota, I have procured a love for learning. I find the heart defects that we treat to be challenging, rewarding and so intriguing. I take pride in being able to take care of these patients and their special hearts. They challenge me in so many ways each day, and because of them, I am a better nurse.”

What inspires you to work with children, to care for kids in the way that you do?

“I have seen such amazing things working here in the CVICU at Children’s Minnesota. I have witnessed the strength, bravery, courage, spirit and determination of so many children. These patients are amazingly tough individuals who never cease to amaze me. I watch as they endure adversity, roadblocks and heartache yet are so fearless and willing to continue fighting. They are dealt a hand that anyone would crumble under the weight of, yet they prevail and go on to live fulfilled and happy lives.”

What makes you excited to come to work? What makes you feel satisfied at the end of the day?

“I cherish the time I get to spend with these children while also watching science and hard work come together to give these children a chance at life. I love that I get to be a small part of their remarkable stories that get told to people all over the world. I get to be a part of their journey, struggle, victory, and most importantly, their heart.”

How do you feel like you get to make a difference in your work?

“When I am at work, I get to be part of a child’s story. For some kids, it can be a story filled with battles and roadblocks or a challenging one with a happy ending, and for others, a happy ending never comes. While caring for these patients and their families, I get to help write that story and watch it unfold. I get to be there at the very beginning when there are so many unknowns and at the scariest part when they’re in the operating room or on life support. I get to watch them experience some of their firsts, celebrate the triumphs and cry during the hard times. Some stories have many chapters, and some are far too short. When they or their families look back on their story, I know that I have helped write it and made a difference throughout the process.”

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