Ethics news, training and conferences

The Clinical Ethics Department is dedicated to improving the education of the Clinical Ethics community and providing advance training in the field.

Training and conferences

Spring Boot Camp

A 2 day training to develop and improve knowledge, abilities, and skills in clinical ethics consultation. This training is designed to help individuals who are interested in clinical ethics consultation develop a strong foundation in theory and practice. Visit our Conferences page for more information.

Fall Ethics Symposium

Topics may vary. Visit our Conferences page for more information.

Grand Rounds
For a list of upcoming presentations on clinical ethics topics, or to watch previously recorded presentations, visit our Grand Rounds page. Past titles include:

The truth shall set you free – January 19th, 2017
Shared decision making in pediatric medicine – August 25th, 2016


Congratulations to our Ethics Committee Members, Carolyn Serie, Kris Catrine, Heidi Kamarath, Maurice Sholas and Nneka Sederstrom on their presentations at the upcoming ICCEC conference in Singapore May 25-27!  For more information about the conference, visit