What Not to Wear: Children’s Hospital Volunteer Style!

Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, students are finishing up their finals, and summer volunteers are coming onboard here at Children’s Hospital!

While you may be thrilled to break out your summer skirts and sandals at home, the dress code here at Children’s may require a few modifications to your summer style!

Before you come in for your volunteer shift, remember to consider our dress code, and a few helpful “what- not-to-wear” tips! With the help of a few style-conscious volunteers, we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet regarding our most-common summer dress-code downfalls!

1. Don’t Show Too Much Leg!

Your shorts and miniskirts are great to wear on the beach, but are not allowed when volunteering here at Children’s Hospital!

Volunteer Eric Gustafson models shorts- one of the "What Not to Wear" items for volunteers!

Even shorts with tights are NOT allowed! Thanks to volunteer Marji Branum for modeling this look!

2. This Little Piggy Went Home.

Closed-toed shoes are required for all volunteers. This means NO SANDALS.

Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Munson shows us "what not to wear" at Children's

3. Your vest may be sleeveless, but your shirt must not be.

No tank tops, or other sleeveless tops, are permitted during your volunteer shift.   This should go without saying, but please also avoid any revealing clothing such as tight, low-cut tops, see-through fabric, etc.

Volunteer Leah Grengs models the sleeveless look- a fashion "don't" here at Children's!

4.  “Nail” our fingernail policy!

According to our Volunteer Handbook: “Fingernails must be no longer than the tip of the finger, artificial nails [including acrylic nails, gels, etc.] may not be worn, and if polish is worn, it must be clear and have no chips.”

Painted nails (even cute ones!) are NOT allowed!

5. Remember your Volunteer ID badge!

PAWH canine volunteer Scylla displays her badge in a readable position.

Special thanks to each of our lovely Children’s volunteer models, and thanks to all volunteers for abiding by our “style rules” this summer!

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