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Medical Cannabis: How it works at Children's

Children’s Minnesota allows hospitalized patients who are in Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program to continue medical cannabis therapy as long as they meet specific criteria. This includes following Minnesota law, as well as Children’s Minnesota policies and procedures.

We are enrolled in the medical cannabis program… What do we need to do to continue this therapy in the hospital?

In order to continue the use of medical cannabis while at Children’s Minnesota, all of the following must be met:

  • Let your Children’s Minnesota provider know that you have medical cannabis; your attending provider will need to authorize the continued use while in the hospital.
  • Give Children’s Minnesota a copy of your Minnesota Department of Health information showing that you are currently validly enrolled in the Registry.
  • Make sure that your medical cannabis has not been altered since it was legally dispensed and the label on the container accurately reflects its contents.
  • Keep the medical cannabis in your possession securely locked up at all times in a safe provided by Children’s Minnesota.
  • Be solely responsible to give and manage the use of medical cannabis.
  • Use medical cannabis according to state laws, regulations, as well as Children’s Minnesota policies and directions.

Can nurses give the medical cannabis?

No. Our staff are not allowed to give medical cannabis. Children’s Minnesota supports a process for you (the authorized designated caregiver, parent/legal guardian or the adult patient) to give medical cannabis as allowed by Minnesota law.

Can we get refills?

Children’s Minnesota does not dispense medical cannabis, so you will need to order through your designated patient center. To bring additional medical cannabis to the hospital, Children’s Minnesota staff will need to verify that it is appropriately labeled before storing in the safe. We allow for a 30-day supply to be stored on site.

What else do we need to know?

  • Medical cannabis may trigger adverse effects, such as a higher risk of falling. Make sure your health care team is aware of your medical cannabis use.
  • Children’s Minnesota does not allow raw leaf, flowers, edibles or vaporization of medical cannabis on the premises. Children’s Minnesota does not allow medical cannabis from other states.
  • Providers may prohibit or limit use of medical cannabis on Children’s Minnesota premises based on their medical judgment.


Please check with your nurse or provider if you have additional questions about using medical cannabis during your stay.


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