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Stop Smoking: Your Personal Plan

Everyone knows it can be hard to stop smoking. After all, the nicotine in cigarettes is a powerfully addictive drug. But with the right approach, you can do it. Millions of Americans have kicked the smoking habit by following some key steps, like lining up support from friends and planning ahead how they'll respond to cravings.

Stop Smoking: Your Personal Plan

This personal planning tool helps you think through your approach. As you work through the planner, you'll see examples of some of the things other people did to stop smoking. When you're finished, you can print a goal sheet to guide and inspire you.

Stopping smoking takes daily awareness. You're replacing your smoking habit with a new, nonsmoking habit — and reprogramming your brain like that takes time. You'll need patience and, yes, willpower. So take it one day at a time. Look at your goal sheet every day and remind yourself of the reasons why you want to stop. Review the things that can trip you up so you can be prepared to take them on them during the day.

Did you forget and light up? Forgive yourself and get back on track. Did you get through a difficult situation without smoking? Congratulate yourself. It's a real achievement to stop smoking. When you reach your goal, you won't just be healthier. You'll also know a bit more about yourself — like the fact that you're strong enough to meet a really tough challenge.

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