Child abuse and neglect

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The Midwest Children’s Resource Center is a Child Advocacy Center and clinic within Children’s Minnesota that offers resources, education and services for families and children who have been through abusive, difficult or life-threatening situations.

Conditions treated

Services offered

  • 24/7 telephone consultation for child protection and law enforcement agencies, physicians, therapists, attorneys and concerned parents
  • Medical diagnosis, psychological assessment, and treatment for children and their families affected by physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect
  • Case reviews, child fatality consultations and expert testimony
  • Resources such as the Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Project, the Runaway Intervention Program, and Darkness to Light, a sexual abuse prevention training program
  • Access to a range of services including individual therapy, group therapy, and family education, which can maximize the likelihood of improving the lives of youth with post-traumatic stress disorder and other abuse sequelae

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