Physical medicine and rehabilitation

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians, also known as physiatrists, treat and monitor, infants, children and teens with a wide variety of medical conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints and muscles. Pediatric physiatrists understand how physical and cognitive disabilities affect growth and development. The goal of Children’s Minnesota’s physiatry is to help every child reach their highest level of physical, cognitive and social potential.

Conditions treated

We treat a full spectrum of conditions, the list provides a few. Don’t see a condition listed, call us.

  • Brain injuries or other conditions (stroke, tumor, acquired brain trauma/injury, loss of oxygen to the brain, etc.)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental delay (gross motor, fine motor)
  • Functional decline from acute and chronic medical conditions (Ie: from cancer or cardiac diseases)
  • Muscle weakness/spasticity
  • Spina bifida

Services offered

  • Bracing (upper and lower extremity orthotics) evaluations and recommendations
  • (Botulinum toxin injections for spasticity – not sure we want to include this since we are doing this in-pt only)
  • Continuity of care: Consultations for patients admitted to ChildrensMN with post-acute care available in the out-patient setting
  • Referrals and care coordination to occupational therapy, physical therapy and/or speech therapy services
  • Referrals and care coordination for swallowing evaluations
  • Equipment recommendations and referrals for equipment evaluations
  • Medication management for spasticity

Refer a patient

  • Patient Name
  • DOB
  • Referring provider
  • Primary care provider
  • Insurance information
  • Diagnosis and isolation requirements
  • Special needs requirements
  • Patient’s city and state

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