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Bacterial and Viral Infections

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Kellen fights back after rare spinal cord condition triggers his body to attack itself

The Kid Experts at Children’s Minnesota discovered Kellen had a rare spinal cord condition called acute flaccid myelitis. Through Kellen's hard work, he's on the road to recovery.

Grand Rounds: Bronchiolitis

October 20, 2016, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m., St. Paul

This week's grand rounds will feature:

Conditions and Services

At Children's Minnesota, we're the state's leading experts in the prevention of perinatal HIV transmission (from mother to child). That's far from all that we specialize in, though. Here are some of the conditions we treat:

Infectious Diseases

Infections are a common part of childhood, but some infections can bother children for long periods of time—potentially their entire lives—or have very serious symptoms that need specialized treatment. That's where Children's Minnesota comes in. The infectious diseases department of Children's Minnesota diagnoses and treats acute and chronic infectious diseases, in both hospitalized patients and outpatient/clinical settings.