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What to expect

As the longest-running pediatric clinical integrative medicine program in North America, the integrative medicine program is truly unique. We're dedicated to helping kids heal using every tool at our disposal. Here's how your family might meet us:

Meet the team

Children's Minnesota's integrative medicine program uses an interdisciplinary approach to treat children. Doctors, advanced practice nurses, nurses and psychologists work alongside massage therapists, reflexologists and other specialists to deliver comprehensive healing treatments, often in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Outcomes and Research

Choosing where to bring your child for care is a major decision. You need all the information you can get. And you want it in a clear, straightforward form that helps you make the right choice for your family.

Conditions and Services

At Children's Minnesota, integrative medicine empowers children. When kids receive conventional medical treatments, choices are often limited due to clinical concerns. But with integrative medicine kids have a greater opportunity to select and choose strategies that will work best for them.

Integrative Medicine

At Children's Minnesota, we understand kids and take care of more than their physical well-being – we care for body, mind, and spirit. Children's pediatric integrative medicine program works with medical staff throughout the hospitals and other clinics to address all three. The program is the longest-running pediatric clinical integrative medicine program in North America.

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