Medication therapy management (MTM) program

If your child takes more than one medicine, you might benefit from having a pharmacist review the combination of drugs.

It’s a service called medication therapy management (MTM), and it’s available in St. Paul and Minneapolis. We can set up a time for you to talk to the MTM pharmacist before or after your other appointments.

What can an MTM pharmacist do for you?

  • Make sure your child is taking the right combination of medicines
  • Watch out for possible drug interactions that may affect your child
  • Look at your insurance and identify alternatives that could save you money
  • Talk through side effects and potential drug interactions
  • Identify potential cost savings that will help you and your family
  • Simplify your medication list
  • Set up regular lab work to monitor the effects of the medications
  • Work with your primary doctor and other specialists to oversee your child’s entire medication regimen

Interested in talking to an MTM pharmacist? Ask your doctor to set up an appointment.