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Adolescent Health Clinic

The Adolescent Health Clinic focuses on the health needs of patients age 12-23. Adolescence is a time of transition and change. Teens and their families may have questions about physical and emotional changes; evolving relationships and expectations; school; sexuality; and emotional and mental health.

Parental involvement in their teen’s health and support from other adults is very important. We are partners in your teen’s care. We encourage the involvement of the adolescent in his or her care, in an age appropriate manner. We will involve them in conversations and decisions. We will encourage them to take on more responsibility for their care as they prepare to transition into adulthood. We will meet with them one-on-one to promote independence and responsibility and to cover sensitive health topics. We will also be a resource to parents for encouraging healthy outcomes for their adolescents and young adults.

Adolescence is a unique time of development; one marked by the need to be autonomous and to begin to become responsible for one’s self. By offering confidential services, we encourage adolescents to feel confident seeking out healthcare and learning to advocate for themselves.

The Adolescent Health Clinic is a multidisciplinary team of medical and mental health professionals. They collaborate to meet the unique medical and psychosocial needs of teenage patients and their families to promote their healthy development. The care model integrates psychosocial care into all aspects of health care delivery. Clinical services include primary medical care, acute and chronic care, reproductive care, and mental health assessment and therapy.

Your team of adolescent-focused experts

Children’s team of professionals strives to meet the comprehensive needs of patients and their families. Our team includes a physician certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, a licensed psychologist, licensed social worker, certified nurse practitioner, and registered nurse.

Expertise for your child

Our adolescent clinicians offer expertise in a broad range of services:

  • Acne and other dermatological conditions
  • Acute illness and injuries
  • Chronic medical conditions, including asthma, prediabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, and others
  • Primary and well adolescent care, including for individuals with complex health care needs and/or LGBTQ youth
  • Mental health counseling services on an individual or family basis:
    • ADHD
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Developmental issues
    • Chemical use assessments
    • Complex medical and emotional concerns
    • Parent guidance
    • Relationship issues (peer and family)
  • Physical exams and sports physicals
  • Reproductive health
    • Pregnancy testing and counseling
    • Promoting healthy relationships
    • Birth control education, counseling, and methods
    • Counseling, testing, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
    • Menstrual suppression
    • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV
  • Trauma informed care and services
  • Weight concerns and nutritional counseling

Well-teen exams

Well-teen check-ups are important as teens grow into young adults. During these exams, your teen’s primary care clinician checks for any problems with your teen’s development. The check-ups are a good opportunity to bring up your questions or concerns.

At each visit, we will monitor your teen’s physical, mental and emotional health. Immunizations and testing (including vision, hearing and lab) are part of some appointments.

Contact us

We’re here for you by phone 24/7 when you have questions about your child’s health. You can call during clinic hours to schedule an appointment or call anytime to talk with one of our triage nurses who are specially trained to answer your questions.

Adolescent Health Clinic
Children’s Minnesota Specialty Center, 3rd floor
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Phone: 612-813-6107
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Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Virtual care (telehealth) appointments are available