What to expect at our partial hospitalization program

The program is structured to keep each patient’s own psychiatric needs as the focal point of their treatment plan through a combination of individual, family and group therapy programs. Patients spend six hours every weekday, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., in sessions designed to improve mental health symptoms and teach skills necessary for improved function at home and school. The program’s duration is between two to four weeks, and also includes medication management if it is prescribed as part of the teen’s PHP plan.

A care plan in the program may include:

  • Expressive groups such as art and music therapy in partnership with Children’s Minnesota Child and Family Services Department.
  • One to two sessions of individual and family psychotherapy each week of this program.
  • One theme or area of focus per day.
    • Patients work on coping skills, have music or art-based therapy, plus one-hour of psychoeducation around relevant topics.
    • Patients have a movement group (i.e. yoga, mindfulness or meditation, physical activities), participate in a process psychotherapy group, and have nursing-led group focused on nutrition, exercise, health or wellness topics.

Next steps

After the program ends, we work with families to create a follow-up care plan. Adolescents are connected with providers at either Children’s Minnesota or other community clinics. Telehealth (virtual care) appointments are also an option for follow-up care. Most teens enrolled in this program will continue their existing relationship with an established outpatient provider in the community if available.

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