Support throughout the grieving process

The Minnesota Sudden Infant Death (SID) Center counsels families and all affected individuals by offering a wide range of information and support. These include funeral assistance for newly bereaved families, grief resources, a parent support group, and our center newsletters for bereaved parents.

Funeral assistance available

With the generous support of two families’ fundraisers, the Ray Gregory Labatt Memorial and Noah Joseph Rogers Memorial, the Minnesota SID Center is able to provide funeral assistance to newly bereaved families. We will be able to provide up to $500 to help with such things as burial assistance, headstones, flowers, transportation, clothing, etc. There is no income requirement or applications to complete. Families should contact the Minnesota SID Center for more information.


Publications for parents, families, friends and grandparents


Bereavement bibliography

Parent support group

The parent support group meets on the first Wednesday of the month from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This support group is for parents whose baby has died suddenly and unexpectedly from any cause. The group provides an opportunity to meet with bereaved parents for support and to talk about feelings, thoughts and problems with others who “have been there.” There is no pressure on participants to talk. Many find comfort in being with others who have had experiences similar to their own.

For more information contact the Center at 612-813-6285 or email the Minnesota Sudden Infant Death (SID) Center.

Retreat center, camp opportunities and more


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