Bereavement support groups

Joining a support group can be very helpful for a variety of reasons. Parents tell us that support groups:

  • Offer them a place to talk about their child in a safe setting
  • Connect with other bereaved parents to get and give support
  • Give reassurance that their grief is a normal reaction to their deep sense of loss

Support groups also can be helpful to children and teens because it helps them see that they are not alone, that there are other kids just like them who are grieving.

Find a support group in your area

Here are three ways to find information about support groups and listings of support groups in your area.

Check these websites:

Search online using the phases listed below plus the name of your community (for example “grief resources, Minneapolis”):

  • Grief support groups
  • Grief resources
  • Children’s grief
  • Bereavement support groups

Contact Bereavement Services for information on resources and programs in your area. Call a bereavement coordinator at 612-813-7216.


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