Tetchy Tech

Children’s Minnesota is partnering with Tetchy Tech to encourage the community to recycle their pre-owned smartphones, tablets, and other devices for a good cause. Tetchy Tech makes it possible for people visiting their website to get a great price for their old device – and contribute 100% of the value of a device to Children’s Minnesota. And not only that – Tetchy Tech pledges 5% of all money paid out to sellers who do not choose their ‘Give Back’ option to a dedicated ‘Give Back Fund’ to benefit Children’s Minnesota and other local nonprofits.

You can get started by visiting them online at tetchytech.com/childrens.

About Tetchy Tech

Tetchy Tech accepts working and broken devices, including: Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches. They also accept Android smartphones and tablets from: Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC!

Tetchy Tech aims to provide an easy offer and purchase process – paying premium prices, and making shipping your device to them for processing cost and stress free. They officially launched in 2015 with a simple three part mission:

  • Deliver the absolute best experience possible for consumers to sell their old or unwanted device.
  • Provide a platform for sellers to ‘give back’ to organizations like Children’s Minnesota that are making a difference in their lives and communities.
  • Do what we can to help our environment by keeping old and unwanted devices out of landfills and getting them to the people that can use them.

They are calling their e-recycling movement “Socially Responsible Recycling” – in an effort to squash the common misunderstanding that a company cannot be both profitable and give back to the community at the same time. Tetchy Tech is committed to changing the way we all think about selling, reusing, and recycling old and unwanted devices. And they know that they need all of our help to succeed.


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