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Beat the back-to-school rush, schedule your well-child check and sports physical

Although it feels like summer has just started, back-to-school time is just around the corner. Before heading back to school or starting a sport, children need well-child checks and sports physicals. Beat the rush and schedule your child’s exam today!

Below we discuss why it’s important to have both a well-child check and a sports physical done.

Well-child exams

At well-child exams, the doctor will check your child’s growth, well-being and development as well as offer guidance on nutrition, sleep, safety and other important topics. These visits are a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions about your child’s health.

What is the schedule for exams and immunizations?


This schedule of preventive care and immunizations helps you know what to expect and prepare your child at each age.

Sports physicals

A sports physical can usually be completed at the time of a well-child exam which makes these convenient and easy to check off your list!

“It is beneficial to have a sports physical completed by a provider who knows your child. A child’s primary care provider has access to their past medical history including growth, development, nutrition, as well as previous injuries or concussions. Family medical history is also reviewed to determine risks during sports participation,” says Dr. Natalie Rigelman-Hedberg of Metropolitan Pediatrics.

This is why it is beneficial to get your child’s sports physical done at the same provider who knows your child versus going to a quick, walk-in clinic. Dr. Rigelman-Hedberg said, “When a teen feels comfortable with their provider, they may be more likely to use that opportunity to discuss other important social or emotional concerns pertinent to their health.”


Well-child exams and sports physicals are important. Be sure to schedule one for your child as July and August appointments are quickly filling up. We’ll make sure you and your child have the best possible experience because at Children’s Minnesota, we go above and beyond for the most amazing people on earth—kids. Find a location near you.

Alexandra Rothstein