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How can kids get vaccinations during COVID-19?

With primary care clinic hours and operations changing due to coronavirus (COVID-19), you may be wondering: Can my child still get immunizations?

The answer to that question is yes. At Children’s Minnesota, we recommend every child continues to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for immunizations, even if the process looks a little different because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It is critical for children to stay current on their vaccinations, especially during this global pandemic,” says Dr. Gigi Chawla, chief of general pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota. “We want to keep your child healthy and to avoid preventable diseases like measles.”

Can my family keep up with well-child check-ups?

“[It’s important to] understand that seeking health care is an essential service. Especially when it comes to ill visits. But it’s also an essential service when it comes to well and well-child care.”

From well-child check-ups to critical immunizations to ill visits, Dr. Chawla shared more about how families can maintain their children’s health during the COVID-19 outbreak. Watch the WCCO segment below:

How is Children’s Minnesota providing immunizations?

You can call to make an appointment for immunizations at any of our clinics that have designated hours for well-child care. These include our clinics in Brooklyn Park, Burnsville, Hugo, Minneapolis, Plymouth, Rogers, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, and West St. Paul.

Children ages 6 and under can visit a Children’s Minnesota clinic for their regularly scheduled well-child check-ups in addition to receiving critical immunizations in the clinic. Additionally, Children’s Minnesota has set up a new drive-up vaccine service for children over the age of 2 who are due for critical immunizations as outlined below. This service is available for established patients in Brooklyn ParkHugoMinneapolisRogersSt. Louis ParkSt. Paul and West St. Paul.

How can I use the drive-up vaccine service?

Follow these steps to make an appointment for drive-up vaccines:

  1. Call your clinic to make an appointment.
  2. At your scheduled time, drive up to the designated parking space for drive-up vaccines.
  3. Call the number posted on the sign.
  4. A provider will come to your car to give your child the immunizations they need.
Partners in Pediatrics St. Louis Park (Calhoun) drive-up vaccination service signs.

What immunizations does my child need?

In addition to their annual influenza (flu) vaccination, here’s what critical immunizations your child may need this year:

4- to 5-year-old patients