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Leftovers for Lunch

Last night's dinner was delicious, but what should you pack for lunch? These five recipes show you how to turn leftovers into lunch or to make a dinner that will pack well for lunch tomorrow. Four of the recipes can be eaten cold. The fifth — a soup — you'll want to serve warm by packing in a thermos.

Roast Beef Wrap

Leftover roast beef gets sliced, wrapped, and drizzled with a spicy sauce to make a Roast Beef Wrap. Tuck in another food group — veggies — by adding a little sliced tomato and Romaine lettuce.

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Pepper & Onion Frittata 

A frittata (say: frih-ta-ta) is a lot like an omelet or a quiche. This Pepper & Onion Frittata mixes eggs, veggies, and cheese. The mixture is first cooked in a pan, then broiled until it's brown and bubbly. Make this for dinner and pack a wedge for lunch. 

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Grilled Veggie Pita

Whip up your own herb-flavored cream cheese for this Grilled Veggie Pita. You can use any leftover veggies you have on hand. Carrots, zucchini, and eggplant are especially good.

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Chicken Salad & Greens

Transform last night's roasted chicken into Chicken Salad & Greens. Do you like celery, red onion, and raisins? All three go into the chicken salad that's served on top of Romaine lettuce.

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Italian Tomato Soup

Italian Tomato Soup can be made for dinner and then packed for lunch. How? Have a grownup help warm up the soup in the morning and pack it in a thermos, which will keep it warm. Eat it with half a sandwich or a salad — yum! 

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