Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is a patented, highly adaptive technology-based program (available K-12) that rapidly builds oral language comprehension skills such as phonemic awareness, auditory processing speed, phonological awareness, working memory, syntax, grammar, sequencing and other critical skills necessary to learn to read or to become a better reader. On average, students with language and reading problems make 1- to 2-year gains in language skills after only 6 to 10 weeks of Fast ForWord training. Reports from teachers and parents have shown that these gains last.

How does Fast ForWord work?
Fast ForWord helps students improve language skills by combining progressive CD-ROM and online technology with breakthroughs in neuroscience. The training uses acoustically modified sound and methods of cross-training to improve receptive and expressive oral language skills within a scientifically validated optimal learning environment. Essential elements of this environment are intensity, frequency, motivation and adaptivity.

Fast ForWord training moves beyond addressing the symptoms of language problems and attacks the root cause, which begins with the ability to distinguish among phonemes – the smallest units of sound in language that can change meaning.

Fast ForWord helps students achieve gains in phonemic awareness while simultaneously integrating and cross-training other key language skills such as phonological awareness, semantics, syntax grammar and listening comprehension. The program enhances working memory, attention, rapid auditory processing and sequencing, which drive the brain to be an efficient learning machine.

The benefits of Fast ForWord training

Currently there are 100,000 children participating in the program. Based on observations by teachers, parents and clinicians, as well as results from National Field Trials, university-based studies, and 29 gold standard research studies, students can achieve significant gains in multiple areas, including improvements in:

  • Focused attention
  • Auditory word discrimination
  • The ability to follow spoken directions
  • Listening and speaking fundamentals
  • Auditory processing speed
  • Speech discrimination
  • Language processing
  • Grammatical comprehension
  • Overall language comprehension
  • Reading readiness

Parents and teachers also report that after Fast ForWord training students experience higher levels of self-esteem, have fewer behavior problems, and are more engaged in classroom activities. These results indicate an enormous potential for benefits across a broad population of children with language and reading problems.

Learn more at the Scientific Learning Company’s Web site.

The program is offered at Minnetonka and Roseville by certified providers.