Meet a radiology team that gets the picture

The radiology and diagnostics team at Children’s Minnesota supports every field of medicine using imaging tests — such as MRIs, CT scans, X-rays and ultrasounds — that diagnose conditions from head to toe.

All of our radiologists have fellowship training in pediatric radiology and are either board-certified or board-eligible in pediatric radiology. In addition, several of our pediatric radiologists have extra fellowship training in pediatric neuroradiology, or head and neck imaging.

Our radiology team is made up of several types of dedicated professionals, including:

  • Pediatric radiologists are physicians with advanced training in the diagnosis of infants, children and adolescents using imaging equipment.
  • Pediatric interventional radiologists specialize in using minimally-invasive image-guided procedures for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Radiologic technologists are supervised by radiologists and operate all types of imaging equipment.
  • Radiology nurses and registered nurses assist patients undergoing radiology testing.

Our radiology and diagnostics team works closely with professionals from many other fields, including pediatric anesthesiologists and child life specialists. At Children’s, you’ll have access to a wide array of professionals with one shared goal – helping kids heal.

If you’re visiting the Children’s radiology department, keep an eye out for this key player:

William Mize, MD, Medical director of the pediatric radiology program

Our team of radiologists includes: