Key issues

The Children’s advocacy team works on a number of issues that impact our ability to provide the best care for all kids and improve the overall health of children and their families. The advocacy team generally focuses its work in two areas: issues that impact the delivery of pediatric health care and broader child health and wellbeing issues.

Pediatric health care issues

We advocate for policies that ensure Children’s can continue to provide the best care for all kids.

Broader health issues

We know that health happens beyond our hospital doors: in the places where kids live, play and learn every day. In fact, social and environmental factors account for 40 percent of our overall health. To support the health of all kids, Children’s focuses on:

White papers

As a voice for children, Children’s has published several white papers on issues impacting children’s health in Minnesota, including the status of child health in Minnesota, vaccinations, obesity, and bullying.

The state of children’s health in Minnesota

The Summary on the State of Children’s Health in Minnesota was the first in a series of “Children’s Check-ups” that we published in October of 2010. This report took a high level look at how Minnesota children stack up nationally compared to the five-state Upper Midwest region.

Download the report.

Vaccinations and Minnesota’s children

Our second Children’s Checkup, published in 2011, focused on vaccinations and the challenges facing Minnesota’s kids.

Download the report.

Addressing the childhood obesity challenge in Minnesota

In our third Children’s Checkup, we address the importance of starting early in the fight against childhood obesity.

Download the report.

Other resources on childhood obesity:

Understanding the threat of bullying

Our fourth report explores the challenge of defining bullying; identifies risk factors associated with bullies, victims and bystanders; discusses potential responses to bullying and offers guidance to parents on how to address this issue with their own children.


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