Medical education

As the state’s largest pediatric health care provider, Children’s Minnesota trains the majority of pediatric primary and specialty care providers in the state. Every year, we train approximately 350 students, residents and fellows in a variety of pediatric specialties. With guidance from our expert clinicians, students learn about meeting the unique needs of children, from one-pound preemies to adolescents as they grow and change.

In order to provide that highly specialized training, we rely on state and federal funding to help offset our costs. The federal Children’s Health and Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) program funds the training of approximately half of all pediatricians and pediatric specialists in the United States. CHGME recipient hospitals – only 1 percent of all hospitals – have been crucial to developing and maintaining training programs that target the unique needs of children. Additionally, the state Medical Education and Research Cost program (MERC) supports teaching hospitals in Minnesota. Because of the volume of pediatric training we offer, Children’s is a resource for any community across our state and region to ensure kids have access to a pediatrician.

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