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Addie makes hand-drawn coloring books to raise money for Children’s Minnesota

Addie with her coloring books

“I believe kindness can change the world,” said Adalyn (Addie) Schulz, an 11-year-old girl from Isanti, MN.

Addie has had a passion for art and drawing since she was young. Her family decided to use those artistic skills to help her fulfill her calling: help kids fighting cancer.

Addie created a hand-drawn coloring book, called “Color for Kids with Cancer,” that her grandpa professionally binds and she sells for $10 each. She donates 100 percent of the proceeds to Children’s Cancer Kids Fund.

The Cancer Kids Fund was created to support not only our cancer patients but their parents and siblings, too.

It covers everything from our Sibling Play Area to therapies like massage and music. It also helps with a family’s everyday expenses like meals and parking.

That is exactly why Addie chose the Cancer Kids Fund to donate to – she wants to take away stress and bring joy to a sad and scary situation, said Addie’s mom, Colleena.

She started out with a Minnesota themed coloring book. Addie had one goal: raise $1,000. The support she received was overwhelming, and completely blew her goal out of the water.

“I hope that the books bring a smile to the kids at the hospital,” said Addie in an interview with KSTP in April 2019.

Since creating the first coloring book, Addie met a Children’s cancer patient named Kendall who also happens to be from Isanti, MN. Kendall is getting treatment for acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia and continued to inspire Addie to keep selling her coloring books and even to make another one that is holiday-themed. Addie dedicated a page of her second coloring book to Kendall!

On Dec. 16, 2019, Addie gave $22,710 to the Cancer Kids Fund, all of which she raised from both her coloring books this year!

If you want to keep up with Addie and her coloring books, join her public Facebook group: “Color for Kids with Cancer.”

Alexandra Rothstein