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Alcohol and its impact on the teen brain

The teen brain is more sensitive to the poisoning effects of alcohol on the neural connections for learning, memory and judgment compared to the adult brain.

Adolescent Health Clinic

The Adolescent Health Clinic focuses on the health needs of patients age 12-21. Adolescence is a time of transition and change. Teens and their families may have questions about physical and emotional changes; evolving relationships and expectations; school; sexuality; and emotional and mental health.

Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology

Teens and young adults diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer have different needs and treatment challenges than younger children or older adults. Children's adolescent medicine program meets teens' and young adults' many health needs, including the critical social and emotional needs that are part of normal growth and change in adolescence. We understand this is an important time and will focus on helping them meet their potential during and after treatment.

Conditions and Services

Children's gynecology program, home of the only two pediatric and adolescent gynecologists in Minnesota, we treat babies, girls and adolescents every day who have minor, moderate or severe gynecological issues. We offer the latest treatments and technologies available in the United States to resolve symptoms while maintaining a child's reproductive health.