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If health equity were easy to achieve, we’d have done it by now! But the last few years have helped us move forward.

"The biggest obstacle associated with (health equity) work is resourcing it properly. And this work must also be situated in the organization at a level where it can influence other the most appropriate and efficient way." Health equity experts U. Michael Currie and Bukata Hayes share their thoughts on what's hindering the work — and what's helping it.

Adriene Thornton named a Black healthcare leader to know by Becker’s

The list honors Black leaders for their commitment to the health care field and recognizes that their viewpoints are crucial to the foundation of organizations, programs and partnerships that foster health equity and inclusion.

Children’s Minnesota’s DEI team receives honorable mention for the 2023 Winds of Change award

Children’s Minnesota congratulates our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team for receiving an honorable mention for the 2023 Winds of Change Award presented by The Forum on Workplace Inclusion.

Health care equity includes hair care

Historically, Black patients have experienced disparities across the spectrum of health care, even when it comes to the most basic of patient needs – hair care. That’s why a team of nurses at Children’s Minnesota set out to address the issue and improve hair care for children in the hospital with textured hair.

Community health: hearing vs. listening

One of our values at Children’s Minnesota is “Listen, really listen.” Listening to the kids and families we serve, listening to our colleagues. It builds trust and relationships. It helps us learn how we can best help kids be as healthy as possible. That’s the idea behind the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Equity action and our new mental health unit

We want all kids to feel safe and supported in our new mental health unit. Here's how we're practicing culturally humble and knowledgeable care.