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Grand Rounds: Look what we can do now! Clinical pharmacogenomics at Children’s

October 26, 2017, 8 a.m. – 9 a.m., Minneapolis

David Gregornik, PharmD, BCOP

Camp Oz

Children’s Minnesota staff make difference at teen epilepsy camp

Camp Oz is a camp designed for youth and teens with epilepsy and operated by the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

Ask Dr. Gigi

Kids and over-the-counter medication

Dr. Gigi Chawla shares advice on using over-the-counter medication for kids.

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We know you may want to dig for more information, so we gathered these easy-to-digest materials and resources from pediatric organizations in Minnesota and beyond.

What to expect

The highly trained pharmacy professionals at Children's Minnesota have years of experience handling the unique needs of children. Our pharmacy team touches nearly every other department and almost every patient at Children's Minnesota.

Meet the team

The pharmacy team at Children's Minnesota includes trained professionals with expertise in neonatal and pediatric critical care, cardiovascular critical care, inpatient and outpatient hematology and oncology, epilepsy, and general and emergency medicine, among other fields.

Outcomes and Research

Medications are constantly changing and improving. And at Children's Minnesota, we're helping to drive that change.

Conditions and Services

Our pharmacy team has a key role in treating every condition at Children's Minnesota. That's no exaggeration.


At Children's Minnesota, we take medications seriously. After all, they are an important part of your child's treatment. That's why we have a large and experienced team ready to handle anything that comes our way.