What to expect during your visit

The highly trained pharmacy professionals at Children’s Minnesota have years of experience handling the unique needs of children. Our pharmacy team touches nearly every other department and almost every patient at Children’s Minnesota.

Even if you never meet us directly, you can be sure our pharmacists are working closely with your child’s physicians and nurses to ensure your child is getting the right medicine at the right time. Every time.

Medication made simple

Here’s how Children’s Minnesota pharmacists help kids — and parents, too:

  • Managing inpatient medication: You may never see us if your child is staying at one of our hospitals, but we’re never far away. Our inpatient pharmacies manage all of the medications for children in our hospitals. We work closely with your child’s medical team to make sure your child gets the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time — every time.
  • Rx questions? We’ve got answers: Picking up medications for your child to use at home? Our pharmacists in the outpatient pharmacies are happy to answer any questions about your child’s prescriptions or how to take them. Simply tell the pharmacy technician you’d like to speak with a pharmacist. And if you don’t realize you have a question until you get home, don’t worry — you can call us any time.
  • Dosing, drug interactions and side effects. When managing your child’s medications feels like a full-time job, our pharmacists can provide medication therapy management for kids with complex medical needs in the special needs clinics in Minneapolis and St. Paul. During a visit, you and your child will meet with a pharmacist to discuss your child’s medications, including dosing, side effects and drug interactions. After the visit, the pharmacist will give you a list of recommendations to discuss with your child’s doctor. The pharmacist can also help coordinate care among home care organizations and outside pharmacies.
  • All about insurance. When picking up your child’s prescriptions, remember to bring along your insurance card and co-pay. We’re at the ready to answer any insurance questions and help you resolve insurance issues.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.