What to expect during your visit

At Children’s Minnesota, our goal is to offer your child the most comprehensive care in the most comfortable, pleasant and efficient way. Before your first visit, a specialized nurse practitioner will contact you to discuss your child’s health history, and our team will review your child’s medical records, including any available imaging results. This enables us to become familiar with your child’s condition and begin collaborating about further testing and care before you even walk through the door.

On the day of your appointment, we’ll help you get settled in, and then our team will come to you. During the first visit, your child will be seen by each sub specialist on the team. This initial appointment usually takes about two and three hours. We offer videofluoroscopic swallow evaluation and flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallow based on what is most appropriate for your child.

Shortly after your child’s appointment, you will receive a summary of the visit and discuss recommendations for what should happen next.

If sedated diagnostic procedures are recommended they will be coordinated under a single anesthetic at a second visit. After all testing is complete, your child’s team will meet again to review the results, form a diagnosis, and discuss next steps.


For your convenience, you can now pay your Children’s Minnesota hospital, physician, clinic and home care bills online.