Concussion care: It’s not just a bump on the head

At Children’s Minnesota, we don’t brush off concussions — we know they can disrupt brain and other physical functions (vision, vestibular and hearing). Our pediatric concussion program provides comprehensive medical evaluation and treatment for children and young adults who have concussions caused by sports, falls or accidents. Whether the symptoms are mild or severe, we have the skill and experience to care for them all.

Championing concussion care

Our team of specialists offers a full range of concussion care — from diagnosis through follow-up — to help your child heal and prevent further injury. Our services include:

  • Expert medical evaluation
  • Concussion education and management of symptoms
  • Onsite physical therapy to help with balance issues or other symptoms
  • ImPACT™ computerized testing to measure any problems with thinking, memory, attention span and reaction time
  • Ongoing medical evaluation and symptom management
  • Diagnostic testing, such as MRI, EEG and audiology
  • Referral to neurology and mental health specialists when necessary
  • Return to school and regular activity clearance from a health professional experienced in pediatric concussion
  • Neuropsychological evaluation to evaluate memory, reasoning and other cognitive skills
  • Onsite occupational therapy to assist with daily living activities

Concussion questions? You can count on us

It takes time to heal an injured brain. This can be frustrating for both children and parents. It is also important to know when to increase a child’s activity whether it’s physical and/or cognitive. We offer guidance with our vast concussion experience and wide range of expertise. We’ve seen all kinds of concussions  and we’re here to support your family as your child heals.

And as an organization dedicated to family-centered care, we offer many child and family services and resources, such as interpretive services.


At Children’s Minnesota, we know how important reliable information about conditions and illnesses is.