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We realize that you may have a lot of questions related to you, your baby and your care, before and after your baby is born. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions by new or expectant moms and families. As always, because every case is different, please discuss your individual needs with your doctor.

Midwest Fetal Care Center, a collaboration between Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health, offers a broad range of services, from comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis during your pregnancy to fetal surgery and follow-up care, for moms with high-risk pregnancy needs. Learn more about specific conditions and services.

As a leader in our field, we are the first advanced fetal care program in the Upper Midwest. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital conditions and abnormalities in unborn infants. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to your high-risk pregnancy as well as individualized nurse care coordination for all families.

Your physician will provide a referral to our fetal care program and submit the necessary prenatal records. Once your information is reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our schedulers typically within 48 hours to schedule your appointment.

You are always welcome to call us at 855-693-3825 or email us.

You can download a Minnesota Perinatal Physicians referral request form that outlines what is required from your primary provider in order for us to schedule you for the appropriate appointments. Otherwise, you are always welcome to call us at 855-693-3825 or email us.

If your ultrasound results are abnormal:

  • Your physician may refer you to our fetal care program for further evaluation.
  • You can contact us to start the referral process by calling or emailing us.

Once we receive the referral from your doctor or are contacted by you, one of our nurse care coordinators will follow up to discuss Midwest Fetal Care Center and schedule an initial appointment. You will meet with one of our board-certified maternal fetal specialists from Minnesota Perinatal Physicians and schedule for appointments with other appropriate specialists based on your diagnosis.

During your initial visit, you will see one of our board-certified maternal fetal medicine specialists from Minnesota Perinatal Physicians who will order the necessary diagnostic tests. One of our care coordinators will arrange consultations with other appropriate pediatric specialists as well as tours of The Mother Baby Center, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and other areas as appropriate to your diagnosis.

Where you deliver your baby will be determined based on your fetal diagnosis and the availability of neonatal services at your home facility. If services are not available, your referring provider and maternal fetal medicine specialist will arrange a transfer of obstetric care, when appropriate, to our fetal care program. Our team works with your OB to determine the best location for your baby’s delivery. If here, deliveries take place at The Mother Baby Center.

Once you have received a fetal diagnosis, it’s important that you notify your insurance company and inquire about prior authorization for tests and consultations related to high-risk obstetrical care. Each insurance company varies greatly regarding requirements and coverage for high-risk obstetric care. Our care coordinators and fetal care clinical social workers can work with you to answer questions, and connect you to resources as needed.

The Midwest Fetal Care Center is a hospital-based clinic with billing coming from Allina Health and Children’s Minnesota. Your bill will include both facility and professional charges. Patients seeing consulting subspecialists may also receive a professional bill from that doctor’s primary practice group. Learn more about your insurance coverage by asking questions to find out exactly what your plan covers. Refer to our insurance coverage guide to help with this conversation.

Care coordinators are available five days a week to field any questions or concerns you may have. To contact a nurse care coordinator, you may call or email them.

We understand care involves an entire team. Every member of our fetal care program is committed to ongoing communication with your referring physician. We provide written documentation of your care to your referring OB/GYN provider, and work with your provider to establish the best comprehensive plan for your prenatal care and delivery.

One of our fetal care clinical social workers will meet with you and your family prior to delivery and begin to discuss and develop a plan for lodging for after your delivery. They can also assist with identifying community and state resources that may be available to you and your family.

Midwest Fetal Care Center is a collaboration between Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health. As part of this collaboration, you may be treated by physicians from our organizations or other collaborative physician practices.

As a hospital-based clinic, Midwest Fetal Care Center will bill patients a facility fee from Abbott Northwestern Hospital and doctor’s fee for all visits. If you see more than one doctor in the clinic, you may receive bills by more than one practice including but not limited to Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Pediatric Surgical Associates and Children’s Minnesota. We will be happy to provide you with a list of potential billing codes that may be used for your visit based on the services performed, but we cannot guarantee all codes will be known prior to your visit. Please contact your insurance provider to discuss coverage.


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