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Midwest Fetal Care Center combines years of experience for the diagnosis and treatment of complex fetal conditions. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care plans available while achieving excellent outcomes.

Thanks to the unique collaboration between Children’s Minnesota and Allina Health, you also have, if necessary, the support of specialists in cardiology, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, genetics, obstetrics/perinatology, radiology, nursing and neonatal medicine.

Our team of doctors, nurses and perinatal social workers coordinate all aspects of your care from diagnosis to postoperative recovery and long-term follow-up. It’s this collaboration that allows us to create the very best care plan for your unique situation.

Pediatric and fetal surgeons

Brad Feltis, MD, PHD, headshot

Brad Feltis, MD, PhD
Surgical Director

Dr. James Fisher, MD; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

James Fisher, MD
Assoc. research director,
Pediatric Surgeon

Joseph B. Lillegard, MD PhD, headshot

Joseph Lillegard, MD, PhD
Research Director

Saul Snowise, MD; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Saul Snowise, MD
Maternal fetal
medicine specialist
Fetal interventionist

Maternal fetal medicine specialists

Elizabeth Baldwin, headshot

Elizabeth Baldwin, MD
Maternal fetal medicine specialist

David Lynch-Salamon, MD, headshot

David Lynch-Salamon, MD
Medical Director, Fetal interventionalist

Lisa Saul

Lisa Saul, MD
Maternal fetal medicine specialist

Heidi Thorson, MD; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Heidi Thorson, MD
Maternal fetal medicine specialist

Donald Wothe, MD
Maternal fetal medicine specialist

Fetal program manager

Pam Velaso, headshot

Pamela Velasco, RNC, BSN
Manager of fetal care program

Fetal nurse care coordinators

Professional nurses are an integral part of a great medical team. Our perinatal care coordinators are specially trained registered nurses who know about the unique care that mothers and babies need. Through constant communication with doctors, surgeons and other members of our extensive staff, our care coordinators help you and your baby experience seamless access to the health care you need.

Shannon Van Brunt, headshot

Shannon Van Brunt, RN, BSN

Jumali Shukri, RN; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Shukri Jumale, RN

Kimberly Palmer, headshot

Kimberly Palmer, RNC, BSN

Melinda Leiran, headshot

Melinda Stober, RN, BSN
Lead Care Coordinator

Shelly Wenner, headshot

Michelle Wenner, RNC, BSN


Jennifer Kouri, RN

Perinatal social workers

Perinatal social workers provide a single point of contact to support pregnant patients and families across the continuum of care from pregnancy through discharge. Perinatal social workers will address the social, developmental, behavioral, financial, educational and medical needs to provide the best outcomes for patients and their families. Perinatal social workers are licensed, independent clinical social workers who are able to provide mental health services such as adjustment, post-partum depression assessment/support, and grief/ loss services.

jill palmer

Jill Palmer

Heather Daugherty, headshot

Heather Daugherty, MSW, LICSW

Heather Prudden, LICSW; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Heather Prudden, LICSW

Anne Seaton, headshot

Anne Seaton, MSW, LICSW
Lead Perinatal Social Worker

Maternal fetal specialist in genetics

A maternal fetal genetics specialist helps families who may have a health problem that is passed from parent to child. Our geneticists work with doctors and families to look at possible health complications a fetus might face. They also use their years of experience to help counsel families on the implications of some situations.

Genetic counselors

Amber Volk, MS, MA, LGC; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Amber Volk, MS, MA, LGC
Lead Genetic Counselor

Jamison Beek, headshot

Jamison Beek, MS, CGC

Beth Hall, headshot

Beth Hall, MS ,CGC


Sonographers perform diagnostic tests using ultrasonic imaging. This non-invasive imaging allows doctors to get a look inside the body. Our fetal care program has an experienced staff to administer and read sonograph images to help you and your medical team understand any issues you may face.

Jeanine Walk, headshot

Jeanine Walk, RDMS
Fetal lead sonographer

Paula Wickman, headshot

Paula Wickham, RDMS
Ultrasound supervisor

Ellen Carlson, headshot

Ellen Carlson, RDMS

Stephanie Moore, RDMS; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Stephanie Moore, RDMS

Cindy Xiong; Children's Minnesota Midwest Fetal Care Center

Cindy Xiong, RDMS


Neonatologists are physicians with special training to handle complex and high-risk pregnancy and newborn situations. Our neonatologists understand that pregnancy complications, birth defects, illness and injury involving a new baby are stressful experiences. By working with a well-rounded team of professionals, our neonatologists will make sure your baby gets the best possible care.

Pediatric cardiologists

Babies can have specialty physicians just like adults do. A pediatric cardiologist is trained in the systems of the heart, but instead of concentrating on adults, they study the tiny hearts of babies and children. The professionals at Children’s Minnesota and The Children’s Heart Clinic are called in when a doctor suspects a heart condition, sometimes even before the baby is born. Our pediatric cardiologists work with the other medical team members to find the best course of treatment for you and your child.

Lisa Howley

Lisa Howley, MD
Director of the Fetal Cardiology

Pediatric otolaryngologists (ENT)

Childhood illness, disease or birth defects that affect the ear, nose and throat are referred to a pediatric otolaryngologist, or pediatric ENT. These doctors study as ENT specialists, and then receive extra training to address the special needs of children. Our pediatric ENT staff works with the entire medical team to treat ear, nose and throat issues as part of an overall treatment plan.

Pediatric neurosurgeons

A pediatric neurosurgeon is a highly trained surgeon who performs procedures on the brain, spine and nervous system of babies and children. Our pediatric neurosurgeons are experienced doctors who often establish a lifelong connection with their patients and families.

Obstetric anesthesiologists

There are a variety of pain management options during childbirth. We have experienced obstetric anesthesiologists who administer local or regional pain medication including epidural, spinal and general anesthesia. Working closely with your obstetrician, the anesthesia team is here to help you during labor and delivery, and in special cases, during fetal surgery procedures.


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