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Patients at Children’s Minnesota have access to some of the best pediatric orthopedic specialists with 24/7 orthopedic coverage in our emergency/trauma departments through a collaboration with Gillette Children’s Specialty Health Care. We also have dedicated pediatric orthopedic physicians on campus weekdays for inpatient consultations as well as outpatient follow-up care for general orthopedic concerns. The orthopedics team includes:

  • Orthopedic physicians and surgeons, who focus on the musculoskeletal system—including bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. They can diagnose injuries and disorders; provide treatment through surgery, exercise, medication, etc.; and come up with a plan for rehabilitation.
  • Physician assistants, medical professionals who conduct exams, order and interpret tests, and assist in surgery, among many other duties.

The orthopedics program is led by:

Libby Weber, MD
Orthopedic medical director

Meet the orthopedic specialists on our team:

See profiles for all the all-star orthopedics doctors and nurse practitioners on our professional staff.